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Bienvenue à Stepping Forward Counseling

Vous amener la ou vous voulez aller. 

A propos

mental health red deer

Stepping Forward Counseling est un fier fournisseur de services en santé mentale dans la region centre de l'Alberta, offrant des services  pour les adultes, les adolescents et les familles. Nous sommes connus pour offrir des services de grande qualité et sur mesure.

Notre clinique est dédiée à l'amélioration du bien-être en proposant différentes séances adaptées à vos différents besoins. 

Check out the Parent Support Hub website, made for parents looking for guidance parenting teens

Offers resources for parents needing support  while helping their teen.


My book

the lighthouse, a guide to parenting teens

The lighthouse, a guide to parenting teens.

Get solutions to your parenting problems!

Parents are very often left in a blur when it comes to knowing what is the best role they can play to support their teens.

This book is a stress reducing toolbox for helping parents support teens experiencing challenges, including anxiety and depression. You will learn to create a relationship filled with trust, communication and peace.

Topics such as bullying, peer drama, trust issues, and addiction to electronics are explained. It also mentions ways parents can take care of themselves and brings the awareness of taking care of the physical body and the brain, in order to target anxiety and depression. By providing scientific evidence and clear explanations on how a family can take care of their brains, this guide is key to achieving healthy mental health and growth for the family.

Is there a greater satisfaction than knowing you have equipped your teen with tools to grow into a happy adult?

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